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Foundation for Inner Studies in Nada Yoga

Nada (vibrational frequencies) was the first medium through which creation began. Nada is the language of the soul. It’s beyond the confines of any demarcation set by human kind. It encompasses humans, flora and fauna. It is a creative aspect of the Divine.

Nada when employed at the right direction has been proved to facilitate positive and corrective changes at the cellular level. DNA repair in humans and animals, multifold increase in productivity on various crops have been documented.

Be Happy Be You.

We have embarked upon a mission to take this unique medium - a gift from the Divine - to each and every atom that exists.

ABS Nada Bandhu (one-day intensive program)

Adithya park - A Sarovar Portico Hotel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Rs. 15,000 / seat

54 seats per session

Upcoming Workshop on 22nd March 2020

One day intensive, an opportunity to learn the basic dynamics of vibrational frequencies from one of the global leaders in the field – Mr. Manan Sharma and his team.

Team Manan will take you on a journey where you will have the space to imbibe, introspect, intuit and explore. As your co-traveler, the team will make all efforts to weave a system where sound becomes an extension of your soul. Functional literacy will be given so that the techniques imparted can be employed to bring in spiritual, emotional, physical and financial abundance.

This one day intensive program coupled with life time support through a dedicated YouTube channel with exclusive access to our nada bandhus will empower them to do self healing, healing friends and family, increasing vibrational levels at workplace – be it corporate office, educational institution, farmland etc.

These soulful frequencies will be your only companion on your inner journey to the very core of your own being.

  • Basic knowledge of sound therapy using Singing Bowls.
  • Introduction to the vibrational frequency tools – Singing Bowls
  • Preventive and promotive health care using Singing Bowls
  • Demonstration and Implementation of Basic elements with Singing Bowls. (Mindfulness and Relaxation)
  • Practical exercises using only two Bowls. (Energy bowl and Relaxation bowl).
  • Effects of sound on the human body. (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spirit).

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